Search not responsive in 3.4.0

The search function has been very buggy in 3.4.0
It crash and restarts after each search

Do you have the issue in 3.4.1?

Just installed. Overall app seems smoother but search function still not responsive. It goes into search, then hang then crash

Thanks. I will have a look.

What for an Android device and version do you have?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Android 12

I have the same issue on my Honor 50 with android 11 and moviebase 3.4.2, everytime I try to search a movie, it hangs on and on…

When you enter a value, the screen is freezing?
I have only a Pixel 6 here, which works without issues.

Yes, it is sometimes freezing and sometimes loading in a loop without giving any results of the search. I think you should really consider testing the app on different phones, it is clear that your Pixel is not a good candidate for testing :grinning: