Search error in history tab

The app crashes when trying to search for a watched movie or series in the history tabs

Has been fixed in the latest beta 3.7.1.

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The problem is still there. In English, the search simply does not work, and in Ukrainian, it is thrown out of the app after entering it. I would attach a screen recording, but it is not possible here

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I have the same issue. I’d like to pay for the annual subscription but I can’t stand the fact it crashes everytime I search for something.

It has been fixed on beta version not stable you are using the stable version join beta version from playstore

Do you have an issue with the latest version?

Let me check a few things.

Version 4.7.2. Search is not working. Kyrylytsa refuses to accept it at all. Refuses to accept Cyrillic at all. At least somehow reacts to Latin letters.

Maybe the database search can’t handle the letters. Could you give some example what do you search?

I thought I could attach a screen recording here, but I can’t. As I noticed, this error appears on all searches of this type.

I just type “Річер” for example, it doesn’t respond at all, then I press enter and the app crashes

There is another problem when searching in Latin letters.

If the title of the movie/series does not have a localized title and is displayed in English, then when searching, everything works clearly and the search occurs simultaneously with typing the title, and does not crash when pressing enter.

If the title is localized, then the search for the English title of the film/series does not work and crashes when you press enter.

It seems like some data / movies in your local database can’t be read completely. The database search crashes because of non-readable elements (the same was for the global search).

I could reproduce and fix the issue when you send me a JSON backup file of your database (per message or email).

How to create a json backup file?

When you have Premium, you can go to the settings, backup and then create an external file.

Just sent it to your mail.

For some reason, it is still in the mail queue.

The application does not crash now, but the search with Cyrillic letters still does not work.