Reset progress not working

When I reset a series on Trakt to watch it again, it doesn’t show up in the progress tab.

From quickly looking at the API call there is a reset_at field that can be used to determine this.

Hi dec,

is it then marked as watched in trakt when you reset it?

The app doesn’t support multi watching.

Hey Chris,

You can mark any show with “Reset progress” and you give it a starting date. Trakt will then show all shows before that date in the progress list. For example, if I watched S01E01 on June 25 and S01E02 on July 5th, and then reset the show to July 1st, S01E02 would be displayed as the next show to watch in my progress list.

Trakt has a section under “Hidden Items” that displays shows that have been reset.

The description for the Watched Progress API call says:
“Returns watched progress for a show including details on all aired seasons and episodes. The next_episode will be the next episode the user should watch, if there are no upcoming episodes it will be set to null . If set, the reset_at date is when the user started re-watching the show. Your app can adjust the progress by ignoring episodes with a last_watched_at prior to the reset_at .”

JSON response looks like this:
“aired”: 8,
“completed”: 6,
“last_watched_at”: “2015-03-21T19:03:58.000Z”,
“reset_at”: null,
“seasons”: [

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Hi @chris

I’d love for “Reset Progress” to be integrated as well!


@dec Thank you very much for the investigation. I didn’t check this data until now, so I need some time :wink:

Hey @chris. Have you had any time to investigate this feature?


@foux I am in vacation at the moment :slightly_smiling_face: I will start new features next week.

You can see all tasks here

Great news, thanks! And most of all, enjoy your holidays!