Remove Amazon Video as a Source for Individual Shows

Amazon Video has been removed from the Network Production and Streaming source options on the home screen. As shown in the example below, it is still showing up as a source on individual show entries from the Progress and other lists. It should be removed from those for the same reason it didn’t make sense on the home screen lists. In the example below, “Chernobyl” is only available on Amazon Video in the sense that one can subscribe to Max there. There is no Amazon Video streaming service. it is just a department for purchases on Amazon. In the second example below, “Citadel” is properly listed as available on Prime Video. That is a proper streaming service. Also, HBO Max should be changed to just Max on these listings.

The ‚watch on’ has purchases from popular websites too. Users use this service and should be in the app.

Justwatch nicely breaks down its listing into categories as below. It’s easy to tell which is a streaming source, which is free, which has ads, which is a place to buy, etc. That’s why your having a link to Justwatch is so nice. Obviously, you do not want to have that level of detail on the show listing, but personally I would much rather see just streaming sources on the listing you provide with the show, though I am not sure how you choose which ones to show. Notice the listing below only included Prime Video. I prefer it that way. We can always go to Justwatch for more information, like where we can buy it. But maybe I am alone in that preference. I just think having purchasing sources at that level clutters the listing unnecessarily.

Another small issue is that I don’t understand how you calculate the number of services you show. The example below says 4 Services, but I don’t see how that matches what we see on Justwatch.

I need to check how we get all the services (mostly over TMDB). Maybe I can display only the list of all available services from JustWatch instead of the direct links here?

I have limited streaming providers, but all of these are used a lot.