Reminder for shows not on the list


I’d like to report another bug that I’ve been experiencing on two of my devices. I have a few shows set up for Reminders (see attached Screenshots). However I keep getting Notifications for shows that are in my History though but not my Reminders. For example my wife watched the Show Jane the Virgin, and I’m getting a Notification about new Episodes. Same for The Walking Dead. So technically these shows are in my Trakt watched history but not on the reminder list in Moviebase.


Hi Dmx,

Thank you very much for report. You also get a notification for new episodes when the TV show is in history. You can disable the notification in the settings.

Settings -> Media content -> Notification new episodes.

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Oh man, I see, thank you! I thought this setting would disable the whole Notification Feature so I left it on, because I’d like to see reminders but only for selected shows…
My mistake, sorry!

No problem, It’s really a bit hidden :wink:

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But why do I get notifications for ALL shows I’ve watched? I get them for shows I’ve actually quit watching, years ago.
To test, I put a single TV show into Reminders. I would think I only get Reminder notifications on this one show. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

@Matreyu You get notifications for reminders as well as TV shows you are watching. If you removed the TV show from the progress then it could happen that you get one last episode notification, but it shouldn’t continue for more than one.