Recent Update Major Issue

After the app automatically updated, widgets stopped working.

I uninstalled the app but when I searched Moviebase in the Google Play store, Moviebase did not show in search results.

So I went into my apps with Google Play Store and hit download but keep getting the following error (see pic);

So the app is no longer available, even though I’ve paid… all other apps are fine.


The company Aiplex Software Private Limited suspended our app in the Google Play Store due to the report that our app violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because of alleged illegal streaming of content.
Unfortunately, they analyzed the wrong Android app which occurs to this issue. I am in contact with Google and the company and try to find a solution as soon as possible.

that’s what i’ve noticed, but messing with the app that we use on daily bases it’s not a goodwill move, hopefully things will go back to normal sooner

Good luck sorting this out, the whole process is a pain in the ass!

Does just a report get an app banned from the store? Ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the company AiPLex doesn’t respond to my emails anymore. I need to hire a lawyer for this wrong copyright infringement.
You can write a complaint on

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What grounds have they given for the app to be removed, is it for providing copyright content like movies? A simple review would have shown this app provides nothing of the sort!

It looks like AIPlex are known for this BS! They get paid by filing copyright and dmca takedowns.

Hi Chris, I’m so sorry for what’s going on about the situation, I think you should consider meanwhile to put the apps updates on a apk site, which can be yours or third party, only in this way you can go on with the development, since the controverse with the AiPLex could take long to solve… Anyway have your holidays first and than go on rock the app! Thank you

Any new updates concerning this matter?

The app is back in the Google Play Store. Thank you for your support and patience! :tada:


AIPlex knew exactly what they were reviewing; they are doing this on a regular basis throughout the Internet! Google/YouTube news to strengthen the procedures in place to protect consumers and content creators etc. Its an utter p!ss take!

I hope they paid your fee for the legal letter! It will happen again, I can guarantee it but when.

Thanks for keeping us updated @chris