Ratings Disappearing and No Longer Displayed?

Not sure what has changed recently but ratings are not being displayed for some titles, even when they were previously. I check Trakt and the titles are rated, Moviebase doesnt seem to show them. A manual sync does nothing to resolve/update, it’s as if they haven’t been rated.

I decided to remove the ratings from Trakt, restarted the app and again rated. The ratings are then displayed but as soon as a sync is initiated, the ratings disappear from the app?

I was also wondering; when does the Moviebase app update any stored information in regards the Progress/Calendar section? The air date/time was incorrect, I changed this but Moviebase is not picking up the change. The information was changed by myself 24 hours ago at Themoviedb and the data is correct across other platforms which use the APi. I’m wondering if this is why the ratings are not sticking because it is the same TV Show…

It can happen that it will not update the date so often.

@chris I also have a show on my list which shows it has three episodes but when I click through to view the episodes, only one shows. So part of the app shows the correct info but the other not. Hopefully this will update but it does seem that updates are quite widely set.

it either has an outdated cache (just close and reopen the app) or TMDb doesn’t send the episode list correctly.

Do you have still the issue? For me it shows all episodes.

Seems okay, it took just over 24 hours after I updated TMDb for it to show correctly throughout the app. Strange how the correct info was displayed on one page within Moviebase but not the other page.

All looks good now, thanks.

There are two separate requests for the data. Also TMDB has to update the content everywhere in the database.

Good that it is working :slight_smile:

Damn! Ratings issue has returned…

Trakt has the item as rated (5) but the app, keeps removing the rating. I’ve tried removing the rating, re-adding both via the app and Trakt website but as soon as i close and reopen Moviebase and the app completes its first sync, the rating dissappears.

I’ve been trying to get the rating to stick within the app for a day or two now - no success.

I decided to delete the title but now it is doing the same to another title ‘300 Million Years’, very frustrating!

I will check the ratings again until I fix it. Sorry for this inconvenience.

I checked the 300 Million Years. Unfortunately, it’s the same issue like before with Trakt/TVDB/TMDB.
Trakt didn’t load the TMDB data. You already added the content on TMDB, thanks :slight_smile:

I triggered a new refresh data on https://trakt.tv/shows/300-million-years.