Questions about the History Display


I am on version 3.0.7.

When I go to the History screen, the TV Shows section always says:

2 remaining items

It just sits there spinning with that message. Why would this happen?

Also, when I view the Episodes section it says something like this at the top:

25000 episodes

4500 unloaded episodes.

I have tried and failed to find what “unloaded episodes” means. Could someone please clarify this for me?


Unloaded episodes appear when these episodes are absent in

Thank you, 111 for that response. Is there any reasonable way to know which episodes that includes? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that I would have almost 5,000 episodes that do not appear in Trakt. My statistics in Trakt show a total number of episodes that is not too far from my Moviebase total. It is actually somewhat higher in Trakt, I think because it counts specials and Moviebase doesn’t. I am struggling to see how there could possibly be that many episodes in Moviebase that are not in Trakt.

Thanks again for your help.

The provider of information in is primarily TVDB, and then TMDB. So the number of episodes can be viewed in TVDB. It also happens that in trakt.there is no TV series, but there is one in IMDB. And, since the main provider of information in Moviebase is TMDB, they cannot synchronize. I may be wrong, but this is the most logical one.

For example:

Thanks again, 111. I’ll try to look carefully for shows that might explain my discrepancy. I’ll be very surprised if there are really that many episodes of mine missing from Trakt, but I do understand what you are saying, and I really appreciate that feedback.

I’ll let you know if I learn more about this. I would love to have a way to see which episodes are in question. Any ideas, Chris, or anyone else?

This is a very helpful community!