Progress tab keep showing start screen

Version 3.1.1.
Every time I enter the progress tab it keeps showing me the start screen “Mark TV shows as watched to se you progress”. Cache and data wiping didn’t solved it.


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I have the same problem, could you solve it??

Thanks. Should be fixed in the new beta version 3.1.3.

Not fixed, i have the same problem, I’ve tried to install the beta version and the problem is still there

You have version 3.1.4 and marked episodes as watched?

I have version 3.1.2, i have tried to install version 3.1.3 beta but the problem is still present.
When I tap on the tv button i see this every time

Are you logged in with TMDB?

No, i am logged in with Trakt

I had the same problem, version beta 3.1.6 is fixing it

I updated to 3.1.6 and now the problem is fixed. Thanks!

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