Progress Screen Statistics - Episode Count Error

I installed Beta 3.4.0 today. The new Progress Statistics Screen is a nice improvement. The colors for the Genres and Status Breakdowns are especially welcome and look great. One error remains however. As you can see on my screenshot below, the screen still says I have watched more episodes than there are episodes. Clearly, it is not possible to watch 26522 of 26096 episodes. As I have theorized before, I suspect that the watched count includes special episodes but the total count of episodes does not. At the least, either both counts should includes special episodes or both counts should exclude them, for consistency. My strong preference would be for them to be excluded completely from the counts. It would be nice to have a second count of the number of special episodes watched versus the total number of special episodes in my shows. Another possibility would be to support an option to either always count special episodes or always exclude them. Again, my strong preference would be separate counts. This is the only additional correction that I see as needed on the Progress Statistics screen. Thank you.

I just saw that you added a count of special episodes on the Progress statistics page. That’s useful for showing how many specials have been watched, but it might be nice to know the total number of specials in the included series also. In addition, it looks as though the episodes watched counts near the top of the screen and in the “All watched episodes” graph below still include the special episodes that have been watched. I think both counts should not include specials, especially since the “All watched episodes” graph does not include the total available specials in the total episode count. In my case, it always looks as though I have watched more episodes than exist, so the graph is useless for measuring actual progress. If you just subtracted watched specials from both those counts, we would have a clearer picture of actual progress.