Progress Screen Entry Pointing to Wrong Episode


There is a problem with the Progress Screen entries that I have seen several times before. Today I picked back up watching season 8 of “The Blacklist”. I had previously watched the first 8 episodes of the season. The Progress screen entry for the show properly showed episode 9 as the next episode to be viewed. I watched episode 9 and selected View next. Episode 9 was marked as watched and then “The Blacklist” entry showed episode 19 as the next episode to view. None of episodes 10-18 are marked as watched. If I select View next again, then episode 19 will be marked as watched and episode 20 will show as the next one to view. The only way to mark episode 10 as watched is to list all the season 8 episodes and select it. Why is this happening? This doesn’t happen the majority of the time, but it happens often enough to be very annoying. Re-synchronization doesn’t help.


Hi SteveJ,

Thanks for your report. I already working on a new progress.
See Trello