Progress "Include complete" error

Hello everyone

I just started using Moviebase because I saw it being recommended everywhere as “the best app” and so far I agree. However I am running into a small hiccup with the Calendar Progress and “Include complete”.
For clarification: I do not want to see titles I’ve already watched, so I selected the option.

I have two series that I like to watch but are not contributed to a lot (they’re Belgian).
De Mol (1998) and Lego Masters (2020) (BELGIUM).

This is the view I get when I have Include completed turned on:
As you can see, it includes LEGO Masters and De Mol, but it shows them all as 100%?
I’ve not watched Lego Masters Episode 2 (has not aired) and neither have I watched De Mol E06-E08 (not aired).

This is when it’s turned off:
The series don’t show up, probably because it assumes I’ve watched them fully?
(I can’t upload because the forum refuses, nice, it’s basically the same as above without LEGO Masters and De Mol)

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance and stay healthy.


included completed means that the TV show progress with 100% watched will be displayed in the list.

If you disable the switch then the TV shows will be hidden until new episodes are released which you didn’t mark as watched (not 100% then).

If you don’t want to see the TV shows then you could hide them :wink: