[Production] Release 3.5.0 - Netflix Expirations, Material Redesign, New Statistic Pages, Add to Item Improvement, YouTube In-App Player

What’s new in this release:


  • See sync status in the poster image
  • YouTube in-app player
  • See Netflix expirations
  • Add item to the user list faster via the bottom sheet dialog
  • Redesign the statistic pages and the discover overview page
  • Use system default theme in settings
  • Hide TV shows from the details page


  • Upgrade to the new Material 3 theme
  • Update the translations
  • Improved the paging on all lists
  • Polishing onboarding page and progress page
  • Update the translations
  • Update ‘Ended’ and ‘Continuing’ TV show status
  • Show special episodes on the progress statistics page
  • Improve sync performance


  • Unavailable sorting of TMDB lists
  • Wrong recommendation and similar on the movie / show detail page
  • Doesn’t update the poster icons when adding to a list from the details page
  • Wrong menu items visibility on detail pages
  • Don’t overlap the toast and bottom navigation on the details page
  • Correct order for cast and crew
  • Handle search query correctly

The update is released on Google Play. Thank you to everyone for testing, translating, suggesting improvements, and reporting issues!

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