Problems with listed "streaming sevices" for Progress list items

I am ruuning Beta 4.0.5.

I understand the idea is to display where shows can be streamed when we select an item from the “Progress” list display, but there are several problems with what is being shown. I will give some examples, and describe the problems with them.

In the preceding display, “Paramount” is shown with a purple background. This button really links to HBO Max and should say that instead of Paramount. All the purple Paramount buttons seem to really be HBO Max (or the new Max) links. They should say that.

The “Amazon Video” button just links to a place where we can buy the videos on Amazon. Since we know we can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, this is not really useful. If it were free to stream on Amazon Prime Video (still with the cost of subscribing to Amazon Prime), it would make sense to show that.

I don’t really see the value of showing “Google Play” at all. We can buy apps that can stream it there, but is that really useful to list here?

Another example follows:

Here “Paramount” is listed with a green background. The link is really for “Hulu”, and that is what the button should say. All of the green “Paramount” buttons seem to really be Hulu buttons.

Same comment about “Amazon Video” and “Google Play” as above.

One more example:

Here the “Disney+” button takes me to a web page offering a Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ bundle for sale. This show is not available on Disney+ at all. It is available on Hulu, which is not mentioned here.

Here we finally have a blue “Paramount” button that really goes to Paramount+ where this show can be streamed. Only the blue “Paramount” buttons are correct, but they should really say “Paramount+”

Same comment for “Amazon Video” and “Google Play”.

I’m not sure where you are getting this information, but it would be much more useful and accurate if you just showed what “Just Watch” lists as the available streaming services for a show. I honestly find this listing of streaming services to be almost useless. It is much more helpful to press the "Just Watch: button.

And I still think this page should list the broadcast network, as I documented before.

Or just go back to the display you had before the beta 4 release, It was more useful, at least for me.

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate your suggestions :pray:

  • I fixed the HBO / Paramount naming.
  • I will check the Disney+ deeplinks not going to the apps.
  • Amazon Video and Google Play were often used in the other bottom sheet dialog.
  • I am still collecting data from our service providers and checking how accurate the features are.

If the page will be changed is depend on how many users use this feature. An alternative would be to hide the entire section. Do you like to hide those items?

Thank you for your speedy response. Including that section is fine. I just want the information to be accurate. I know there is variation in streaming providers among different countries, and I see it from a U.S. perspective. For instance, I understand that Disney+ has Hulu content in some countries. I would really like to see the originating network always included among the listed Watch on entries. In fact, I think the originating source should be listed first. It might be CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, ABC, BBC, ITV, Netflix, Amazon Video, Paramount+, Disney+, etc. I don’t really think there needs to be an option to exclude it. I just want to improve it. I still think the Just Watch information is pretty good. I’m glad there is a link to it, I usually go there to see where I can watch the show. Thanks for being so responsive.

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I could add the network section on the episode detail page. Similar to the TV show detail page.

Mixing streaming providers and networks aren’t a good idea. Both have different meaning.

Yes, yes, that would be perfect! Both streaming and network information are very useful. Before the addition of the new episode display from the Progress list, we went directly to the listing above, where we could see the network. It’s an extra step to have to drill down to the show detail screen to see the network. Adding it to the episode detail page would be the perfect solution. Thanks.