Problem with 'Into the dark' show

Today I have started to watch ‘Into the dark’.
I have searched it in Moviebase but it doesn’t appear, so I added it in trakt web and set episode 1 watched.

In Moviebase app it doesn’t show correctly and I cannot check any other episode.

Could you check what is the problem?


It seems that the TV show is deleted on TMDB. Trakt links to this deleted TV show :confused:

What we can do is to add the TV show to TMDB again.

Thanks for your answer.
But why in the Trakt Web is showing all the info about the show?. So Moviebase app links to trakt web and trakt web links to TMDB?, is that how it works?.
I tested another app (TV show & movie tracker) and it shows all the info of the show. Does it link to a different database?.

Thanks again.

Exactly, the app takes the information from TMDB. It has normally a better content quality, but sometimes it doesn’t match with trakt.

I found the problem.

It was a discussion about if the different episodes were movies or part of a series, as Hulu was ambiguous about it. So in TMDB they are published as standalone movies…


Thanks for your investigation :slight_smile: I am glad that you find the issue.

I can contact trakt to change the data if you want.

Don’t worry.