Problem to display some TV show


I follow some TV shows like The Witcher, Outlander, The Purge… But it doesn’t appear in the calendar tab.
For example, The Witcher will be release the 20th december but i can’t see it in the calendar, whereas i can see it in other applications.

I would like buy premium but if half of my TV shows that i’m following are not display, it’s sad.

You can see with picture where should i see the TV shows.

Do you know why i have this bug?

Hey Atlaess, Thanks for reporting! The Purge should be displayed. You marked the TV show as watched?

I have added the next episode of Outlander. Moviebase loads the data from TMDb:

I will check the TV show The Witcher. I think it’s a special case, because no TV show is aired yet.


Thank you for your reply.

In fact i would mark for a TV shows and follow it even if i still not start to watch.
For example, The Outlander, I’m following the TV show but i don’t start to watch any episode for now. Maybe the problem is here?
I think all TV shows that i would to follow but i don’t start to watch is not display.
Well can you please add (or maybe it’s already exist but i didn’t see) a feature to follow a TV show or movie (that we still didn’t start to watch) and follow it in calendar?
It could be very nice!

Oh and you using TMDb, that’s why i don’t see the beginig of “money heist” already release in Trakt.

Thank you!

You can use the “reminder” for adding not started TV shows. You get a notification when the first episode is released on the TV network.

If some data is missing or wrong you could check TMDb and contribute data or report an issue.

I will add some data for as soon as possible.


Thank you for your answer !