Premium Status Not Recognized on Tablet

I have Moviebase installed on both my phone and a tablet. Beta 4.5.2 is recognizing my premium status on my phone but not on my tablet with the same Trakt signon. I tried signing out and back in on the tablet. No change.

Do you use the same Google account on both devices?

Yes, same Google account, same Trakt login to Moviebase. Never had this before. On the tablet, my profile shows my Trakt VIP status but not my Moviebase Premium status.

Could you try to click on the ‘restore the purchase’ in the help/settings?

I will also revert to an older billing system because the new one has some issues…


I upgraded the tablet to 4.5.3 and did the Restore Purchases. It said there were no purchases to restore, but then my premium access was back. I’m not sure if the Restore Purchases option did it or if you reverted to the old system and that worked. Anyway, it’s working now. Thanks very much.

Glad that it works. The app syncs the data after opening the main page. Seems like the new provider doesn’t work like expected for one time payments :frowning: