Premium Required Prompt Appears Before Progress Statistics Screen

In beta 4.5.2, when I select the statistics option, I usually see the prompt saying I need to be a premium member briefly before the statistics screen is displayed. I am a premium member, so I should not ever see this screen. There seems to be a delay in the app determining my premium status. I have been seeing this sometimes, since beta 4.5.0.

Thanks for the report. Do you see a dialog when you click the statistic icon in the left top corner? This is a bug then.

Hi Chris,

When I select the statistics from the TV Shows (Progress) screen, a screen pops up that has the Progress header in the upper left, but in the center of the screen, there is a box that says “Unlock Feature” and then some more text about signing up for Premium access. This stays up for only about a second and then the statistics information comes up. It doesn’t happen every time but most times. Obviously, it should complete checking if I am premium and only show that message if I am not. It appears that message is displayed while the app is still checking my status.

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I was able to capture a screen shot of what I am seeing :

Do you see this issue in the new beta 4.5.3?

No, I can’t seem to make it happen in 4.5.3. Looks like it’s fixed.


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