Possible Way to Prevent So Many Missing Images


Because the TMDb moderators are expected to be quite demanding about image quality, many TV Shows and Movies (particularly older ones) are missing images.

Fairly often I will add a poster or backdrop image to TMDb, Moviebase will pick it up and display it and then a TMDb moderator will delete the image and Moviebase will detect the change and remove the image. Then there is no image available in Moviebase.

I suggest that, if Moviebase has an image for a poster or backdrop, and then TMDb makes a change that leaves it with no image for the item, then Moviebase should keep the image it has in place rather than remove it. This would allow us to have images for items where none is available in good enough quality to satisfy TMDb. Many of the same images that are used in The TVDb and IMDB every day are not acceptable to TMDb.

I would think this would be a relatively simple change for Moviebase. I see no reason to delete an existing image in Moviebase because TMDb would rather have no image at all.

Note that I think this should apply to show posters and backdrops but not to season posters. A missing season poster is less annoying because Moviebase will replace it with the show poster. Also, TMDb often has blank season posters that need to be removed, and a missing image is better than a blank one, because Moviebase will replace the missing one with the show poster, but it will not replace the blank one.

Thank you for considering.

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