Portuguese titles

I think there’s a bug in the exhibition of film titles in Portuguese.
Take a look at these two images. At first I did a search for “Tirando o atraso”, the result shown is the correct one, the movie is this one, but the application on this screen is showing the name “Um avô muito à frente”.
In the second image, the correct name is displayed.

Two different names for the same movie.

It seems that the result displayed on the first screen comes from the trakt, a translation of the original name. And on the second screen the source is TMBD. Well, that’s what I suppose is happening.

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It’s good to have this example :+1: We use only TMDB for the title, but the app has a problem.

We send for the search the values language=pt&region=BR. But we have to take care of different Portuguese languages pt-PT and pt-BR as well.

I created a new bug ticket

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Fixed in 1.7.7