Personal List Count Issue

I have a personal list called “Movies Watched”. It is synced to Trakt, like all my lists. In Moviebase beta 4.6.0, when I select Profile > Personal Lists, I see this:

Note the Movie Watched count of 3533. I believe the counts on this screen come from Trakt, and the count matches what Trakt shows exactly.

When I select Movies Watched from this list of lists, I see this:

Here the count shows as 3531. I believe this count comes from Moviebase. I wanted to reconcile this and fix the discrepancy, so I dumped the Trakt data to a CSV file, I did a backup of my Moviebase database and I massaged all the data, so I could easily do a comparison of the two lists and find the difference. The problem is that my Moviebase backup shows 3533 movies in the Movies Watched list, just like Trakt. So, the actual number of movies in my Moviebase backup file says I have 3533 Movies Watched list entries, while the screen count shows 3531. Now, I haven’t manually counted the list of movies shown on the Moviebase screen, and I’m not going to. But can you explain why the backup would have 3533 entries, and the app screen would say there are 3531 entries? I would appreciate your help. There is no need to reconcile the data the way I tried, because the two data dumps show the same number of entries. Any help would be appreciated.


To be extra sure, I checked both the entries under my Movies Watched list and the Watched section (history) of the Moviebase backup file I created. Both show 3533 movie entries. It looks like the count the app is showing (3531) is just off by two. This did not happen before the 4.6.0 beta. I look at this stuff regularly.

The difference comes because the list overview shows all items that are available in the list. The items on the details page show only the displayed items.

Items that aren’t downloaded or has missing TMDB ID can’t displayed in the list.

Thanks, Chris. Can you think of a convenient way to find the specific causes of the discrepancy? It would be nice to be able to find such issues without taking a tremendous amount of time.

I guess the best is to wait for the new trakt sync, where I fetch much more and faster all data.

OK, that sounds fine. Would you please let us know when that new Trakt sync code becomes available in beta? Thanks.