Order progress by latest episode aired, not counting past unwatched episodes

Hello, I’m loving the app and have little I can fault with it, I really appreciate what you have created here. My only slight issue is the logic for ordering progress by newest episode.

For example, I have a show I’m caught up on, and a new episode is just released today, and I expect this show to be right at the top of the list as in theory it has the newest episode of any of my shows.

The problem is I have a lot of shows I’m not caught up on, and shows with unwatched episodes from “past dates” are stated to have newer episodes than one aired today.

Thank you.

have you tried to sort it by tv show date descending

Yea, but that will just order by the date the show first aired, and not change so the show with the newest aired episode is at the beginning, it’s close using that option but the logic doesn’t work as I would have expected compared to previous apps I used to use.