Option to show OLDEST next unwatched not NEWEST

Because of the way the DC series work in particular, I have a lot of series were I’ve watched a single episode totally out of sequence.

That means that Moviebase shows me the next unwatched episode as the one after the latest one I’ve watched. That’s NEVER how I want it to work - I want it to show me the FIRST episode I haven’t watched. This for me is the one key thing that other Trakt clients are better at.

It doesn’t stop me using Moviebase, but it does annoy me every time I’m updating one of those series.

I imagine it would need to be an option as I can’t speak for other people - maybe some people prefer it the way it is, but this for me it’s wrong.

In case it’s hard to follow (sorry if it is) - if I’ve watched S01E01 and S01E02 but also S04E06, I don’t want it to show S04E07 as the next episode, I want it to show S01E03.