Option to force TMDb query for Changes to a Show or Movie


I frequently make and/or request corrections to data about shows in TMDb. After the changes become active there, it is difficult to know when the changes will be reflected in Moviebase. I just have to keep checking back. I haven’t found any way to force a TMDb query for changes in Moviebase. It appears that synchronization, which I can force, causes Moviebase<->Trakt synchronization and does not cause TMDb queries for changes.

What is the schedule for TMDb changes retrieval, and can we affect that?

If I am completely misinterpreting what I am seeing, I would appreciate understanding how these mechanisms do work.

If there is a way to force a TMDb update for a show, I would like to know.

Otherwise, I request that one be added. Ideally, we could request that TMDb changes be retrieved and reflected for a specific show or movie.

Thank you


Hi SteveJ,

It could take 24h until the changes are available. The app doesn’t refetch all changes.

The best way to reload data is to open the details page in the app.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response.

Every time the data doesn’t match, I open the details screen. I have never seen that cause the information to be updated. I also select the option to link from Moviebase to the TMDb information about the show. I do that to be sure the information is showing as updated in TMDb. None of that causes the new information from TMDb to be applied to Moviebase. If I am doing it wrong some way, please let me know.

Otherwise, it would be nice to have an option to refresh the TMDb information for a show or movie.

Thank you,