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Hi, I’ve searched but not found the answer: Where I can turn on the notifications about incoming episodes? I’m discovering the app, added some series (syncing with trakt), the episode aired, but nothing happens…

Found the option, but seems not working to me :expressionless:

Hi TMeireles,

Sorry for the late response. Is this working now?

You can add reminders and new episodes of watched TV shows will be notified by Moviebase.

Still not getting notifications for new episodes… I don’t know whats the app database, but I noticed that some series/episodes don’t have the airdate correct… For example, an anime called Arifureta in the competitors app has the airdates, in moviebase dont… Even some series with the correct airdate I’m not receiving… The only time I remember receiving the notification it came hours late, I don’t know if it has anything to do with GMT.

I’m using Moviebase 1.6.7 (with premium options) in a Xiaomi Pocophone.

We get the data from Those release dates should be displayed, sometimes dates are missing. Could you try to add a TV show to reminders? In the reminders section you can activate the setting ‘show next episodes to notify’.

If only a release date is available the it use midnight.

Hey Chris, I still get no notifications, but that’s ok … Now regarding not showing the air date, I noticed that other apps shows the date and the moviebase not, including trakt also shows the date. I don’t know what may be happening… I attached 3 screenshots to show you the “problem”… Also looked in other apps and the dates are available there.

Hi TMeireles,

Moviebase loads the data from TMDb. If the data is available then we show it in the app.

You can check TMDb easily and contribute with new data if you want:

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Oh, nice to know, I thought It was thetvdb…

Just out of curiosity, why does the app use this db? I believe the other is more up to date, no?

I’ve been testing different tracking apps recently (that has trakt integration) and really like Moviebase. However, majority of the currently airing series I’m watching don’t have air time for new episodes which means they don’t show up correctly in what’s next. I’ve checked a lot of the shows and the data is in TheTVDb but not in TMDb for whatever reason… this is the honestly the only thing keeping me from using and paying for Moviebase.

I suffer from the same problem … I also tested all the apps I found and what pleased me most was the moviebase, but this of the dates bothers me a lot and keeps me from changing once and for all. In the meantime I use It and other app that notifications work and the dates are correct (although it has no integration with trakt and uses a platform of its own).

For the first time, we started only with movies and extended Moviebase with TV shows. We also didn’t get TVDB access for a very long time, there were some bugs on their website.

TMDb has more detailed information about TV shows and movies (cast, facts, trailers, backdrops). Additionally, it offers a much better API and website.

API (application programming interface) - access to data source

Thanks for the reply … Let’s wait and contribute to tmdb and see if it is updated enough to be able to use only moviebase.