Noticeable Delay in Bringing Up TV Shows Page

After beta 4.5.1, there is a noticeably longer delay when switching to the TV Shows Page (Progress, Upcoming, Watchlist). The new release seems to have degraded the performance of that function.


Yes and I add that sometimes pages doesn’t even show up…

Hmm there shouldn’t be a big change on these pages.

Hi Chris,

As someone else pointed out, sometimes the Progress screen never comes up, and I have to select another column and then the Progress column again. It comes up quickly after that. This is definitely new with last two betas - 4.5.0 and 4.5.1. The app is normally quite responsive otherwise and my phone has no other delay issues.

Thank you

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I have discovered something more about this. When the Progress screen doesn’t appear (just the header and footer are there and blank otherwise), if I just touch the screen, my data immediately appears. It looks like the data has been generated but is just not made visible on the screen. I don’t think there is actually a delay in gathering the information for display. There is just a problem that prevents it from appearing on the screen until I touch the screen. Maybe that will help determine the problem.

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Thanks for the hint! I guess there is an issue with the page rendering and the new segmented button.
It’s also on some devices sometimes (a reason why I didn’t find it)

Beta 4.5.2 improves this situation a great deal. I no longer have the problem of the screen not appearing until I touch it. It always appears now. However, there is still some delay bringing up the TV Shows (Progress) screen. On my phone it is 2 - 3 seconds. Not terrible but it did not happen prior to 4.5.0. The Progress Screen is set as my initial screen, and the same delay occurs whether I am just starting the app or I am moving from another screen, like when I go from the Home screen to the TV Shows screen.

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