Not compatible with redmi note 13 Pro+ 5G

I just changed my Redmi note 9 pro for a Redmi note 13 Pro+ and my surprise is that the app doesn’t even appear on Google Play. It is “Not supported”

How is it possible? Anything I can try?

Many thanks.

It can happen when not all Google Services are installed correctly. Is you phone rooted?

NO, it’s not rooted.

Now, the app it’s working fine, so I supossed that, like the phone it’s brand new, maybe some services were not installed when I installed the Moviebase APP, because I don’t touch anythink and the app starts work.

Thank you very much

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Good to hear that it works! :slight_smile:

I have this problem, I was able to install the app a few weeks ago, now I am not getting updates, have they added any restrictions for rooted devices?

Yes, rooted devices might marked as untrusted. This happens from Google Play Store.