Not aired episodes on progress

Hi! Per the latest patch, unaired episodes should not show up in my progress page. Unfortunately, I can still see them. Any idea why?

Thanks for your report. Could you say me the TV show then I can have a look. Thank you!

Hi Chris! Please see attached, these are two examples I can see always showing up even if the episodes have not aired yet.

Thank you for the content :slight_smile:

I found a small bug when loading new aired episodes (Strakt Trek).

Supertore has different episodes on TMDb and Trakt (season 2). The first episode “Olympics” is not available on trakt:

So it’s an issue with TMDB, right? That’s a bummer. Thanks!

TMDb and Trakt handle the first episode different. It’s hard to fix such a problem.

I wrote TMDb for a change.

I also had a small issue with regard to Star Trek.

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Hey I don’t know if you did something or the people over at trakt did, but both shows are now correctly hiding unaired episodes!

Hey, I changed something in the App and cloud :slight_smile:

TMDb is using the original Superstore episodes.

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