No update in progress page

Its 28 of April and i don’t see in progress syncro the new episodes of Gomorra (aired 26 of April) and new episode of Attack on Titan (aired 28 of April)
This Is not a new bug…but try to solve It or put a calendar section in the app because not see new episodes its very sad .
Good luck


I changed a lot and maybe some content needs to refresh. Sometimes it helps when you remark an episode as watched.

Moviebase is using Tmdb, which don’t provide the same content like Trakt/TVDB.

Let me know if the incorrect is still there.

Hi!! When will be release the new feature with calendar shows?


I added a next airing episodes in the home (Beta).

I am just working on it. At the moment I am doing some changes in the UI before I can integrate the calendar :slight_smile: