New phone sync is always a drama!

I bought a new phone and just wanted to sync my moviebase account from Honor 20 to Honor 50, but after a fresh new install, the result is over 40 movies, 15 tv series, customized list and everything back to 3 months ago… it seems like my phone was not in sync anymore, even if I push the sync button very often… This is not the first time that it happens, I had the same problem last year from Honor 10 to Honor 20. So it is a very old bug that still stays in your app and I opened many topics about this kind of problems about sync. Please this time really take into consideration the time needed to fix it definitely. I still trust in your app and your development, so keep up the good work, thanks.

Thanks for your report. Could you send me a pm with your account email? I will check if everything goes right.

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