New filters and Premium subscription

Hi, I can’t use new filters, as the app is asking for Premium Plus, but I already own a Premium subscription since years…

Hi Rafael, thanks for using Moviebase. I switched to the subscription model for new bigger features, which allows me to spend more time improving the app in my free time.

You still can use the old one-time payment with the previous features :slight_smile:

What about reward active beta testers with Premium Plus subscription?

Dear Chris,
I do have the same concern. Since we bought your premium subscription long back I believe we are entitled to enjoy the premium benefits, kindly consider giving new premium features to old premium customers. I believe that is ethically correct.

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Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your beta testing :slight_smile: The beta testing is voluntary and it’s possible to switch back to production if needed.

Thanks for your feedback. The one-time payment has already running for a long time with all new premium features. An alternative would be to stop working on the app at all. However, it’s a good compromise for delivering new functionality and bring the app forward.

I’m really sorry, I very much appreciate the work you did for the app so far (that’s the reason why I bought the lifetime premium), but I kind of have to agree with Mohammed here. Putting the most requested feature, which is also a pretty basic functionality, behind a second paywall is a bit shady. I understand that the app needs to generate money in order for you to be able to add interesting new features, but it feels weird doing this to the most requested feature.
I really hope that you reconsider this decision.

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All premium features are still available at the time of the purchase. The app can still be used with all the old features. New features are open partly for one-time premium users (such as the search in lists). So there is a win for premium users too.

@Rafael7up @Pred @Anas_Mohammed The filters should be open in the new beta version.

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Sorry, I realized I had an update that never went through. Now that I updated, I can see the filters working and actually being unlocked, thank you. I really do hope that you will end up deciding to have this feature in the premium app official release as well, it’s excellent!