New fan of moviebase! [ + few feedbacks]

I stumbled upon this app when I was trying to find a tool for organising my watched movies and series along with the date of watching. The UI layout and the features did impress me a lot. So much that I took the lifetime subscription right away.

One thing that bums me, is that whenever I try to mark a movie/episode as watched, I’m forced to set the date of viewing. I can set the date for whatever I’ve watched maybe in the past week, but can’t remember anything beyond that.

At the same time, I don’t want to set a random date either, since I want to track the dates of movies/series that I watch, from now on. Is there a way to mark as watched without specifying any date at all? Or maybe just the month-year or year alone?

Another feedback is about having a “personal note” like section for the movies/series. You know, like a space where we can note down something about it. I usually like to note down things like some memorable scene or dialogue, or when I add something to my watchlist, specify who recommended it and why he/she recommended it etc.

Anyway, thank you for creating this app! Probably will soon be my main movie tracker if we can figure out a way to work around the above topics.

Settings > Media Content > Never ask watched time again.

But that sets to “right now”.

Now that I’ve been using Moviebase for some time now here are some more:

  1. When tapping the tick button in an already marked-as-watched movie, we’re given 3 options under “remove from history?” page: “all plays”, “add another play” and “nothing”. What does “add another play” do? I was under the assumption that it’s used to log multiple viewings but in my case, nothing happens. It just takes me back to the previous page like when tapping on “nothing”.
  2. Tapping on “watch remaining” on series’ episodes also doesn’t do anything. I have to manually open the season and check individual episodes as watched.
  3. Remove individual viewings of movies/episodes. The available option is only to remove all the viewings.
  4. (Suggestion) The history view could be a bit organized, with separations based on month of viewing. I feel it gives a better insight.