Need Better Clarity on the Backup Screen

In new beta release 3.8.0, the Backup function appears to work. However, it should be made clearer that one must set a backup destination before it will work properly. I tried it first without doing that, and it appeared to work, giving no error message. However, I could find no backup file anywhere. Only after I set my own backup destination, did it appear to work properly. Please make it clear that a backup destination must be set - no default is used. Also, it would be helpful if an error message were given when one tries to backup without setting a destination.

There is an internal saving and a custom location where you can store the backup.

I understand that the internal option is storing to my internal storage, and I have found exactly where it its stored. And I can now see how the Restore option works. I withdraw my request for clarification.

I do think it would be useful if the Restore option listed all the available Internal backups and gave us the option to choose one for the Restore, rather than only showing the latest Internal backup.