Navigating to home screen problem

When on Upcoming or progress page when pressing on home button nothing happens
updated to 3.1 5 but the problem still exist

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Perhaps I have a little more information on this problem. By default I enter the app on the TV Shows (Progress, Upcoming) screen. After entering, if I press the home button, the button changes color indicating it has been pressed, but the app does not switch to the home screen. If I press the back button on my phone, the home screen comes up. Once I go to the home screen the first time, I can go back and forth between the TV Shows page and the home screen via the app buttons with no problem. It just doesn’t work the first time. This is a relatively new problem, since maybe the last two or three betas. I am on beta 3.1.5.

Thanks. It wasn’t clear for me that this happens when the initial screen is the progress page. I have to check it again.