My content wont load. is it a server issue?

i use moviebase to mark my watches. and honestly it was working fine. until today. the content just wont load. and i have a lot of movies that i have marked. is it a server issue or something else? have i lost my progress? is there any way i can fix that? is it a server issues? ive attached the screenshot. please someone help

Do you have the issue on all pages?

Yes, seems this problem is in my phone also. Even after reinstalling app several times, contents won’t load on any page. After reinstalling I logged in but won’t even synchronise the past data.

Edit- seems like by using VPN (i used cloudflare it seems to be working. Please fix this bug as can’t use vpn everytime to use the app.
Thank you :blush:

The problem is that your government blocks our main content provider TMDB. In this case, we can’t do something.