Movies Watchlist released dates not staying up to date

I’ve noticed that when a movie release date change, it doesn’t update in the watchlist automatically. I have to go into the movie to see the new date then have to remove and re-add it to my watchlist so that it reorders correctly on the watchlist.

Ideally, when the app syncs it should detect if there’s been a change to the release dates, then it should update our watchlist accordingly.

Let me know if this is not clear, i can record a video.


Related this this, if there is an update to the movie poster, you also wont know until you click on it and into the movie, then it’ll uodate the picture.

Hi we don’t fetch all the time data. Only if you go to the details page.

Do you use Trakt or TMDB?

Using trakt. is there a way to force a sync so that it pulls the correct data? Maybe a way so people don’t abuse it that way it won’t be so resource intensive. It just sucks that you think a movie is about to come out, you go into the details and the release date changes to a year or two out.