Moviebase history won't transfer to Trakt

Yesterday and today am I watching Ozark in Netflix and when I finish each episode I mark in Moviebase as watched but it doesn’t reflect in my history in Trakt, the history is only in Moviebase.

Thanks for reporting the issue. The way I handle episodes has changed. First I save the episodes in the app database and send them to Trakt afterwards. The sync happens immediately.

Did you mark all episodes as watched separately? And what happen if you mark them again?



Yes separately as I finish the episode I mark as watched. I mark 6 episodes using Moviebase, they were watch yesterday and today. So there were time to send from database to Trakt, but it’s not working.
I did a fresh sync with the app but didn’t work, I log out and then in again it didn’t work, turn off app and on, didn’t work, restart tablet, didn’t work.
I try to mark again and then it ask to remove from history and I say yes then add it again to history but it doesn’t send to Trakt.
I mark the last 2 episodes as watched with another app and it work and Moviebase also added the two episodes.

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The app triggers immediately a new request when adding/removing an episode in the app. All failed request will be executed another time after an app start.

I investigate more time on this problem today.

The goal is a faster app interaction and a better progress calculation (missing TMDB/Trakt series/episodes should not be removed).