Moviebase Crash Displaying Special Episode Details

I installed beta 3.4.0 today. I don’t know if this problem was just introduced, but I do know that it has not always occurred before.

The 1995 TV series “American Gothic” includes 4 Special Episodes. If I list the episodes in season 1 and select any specific episode to display its details, everything works fine. If I select any of the 4 Special Episodes to display its details, Moviebase appears to start displaying the information, but then it crashes every time. I have not seen this error on any other show as yet but have not tried a lot of others. The ones I have tried worked fine. This failure occurs consistently on this show so should be easy to reproduce. Thanks.

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Thanks! I found the issue and fixed it.

Great! Thank you for the very quick response and fix.

This is fixed in Bata 3.4.1.

Thank you.

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