Movie date different on category vs individual page

If I look at several movies in my up next list.
The date that shows which is presumably the release date shows a different date to the one of I click on the individual movie.

For example. Kraven the hunter shows in my list of up next movies with a date is 6 October 2023.

If I click on the movie the date at the top is Aug 2024.

I presume this is a bug… Unless the date in the movies up next list is the date I added it? Although that can’t be as I have items in this list that are 2024. So I couldn’t have added them in the future. Yup must be a bug

The October 2023 should be wrong. Which country/region did you have?

On the details page, there are all releases in the information area.

The country or region is Australia

Any word on this?

Still happening for a lot of movies in my upcoming.

Another example

Dune part two is listed under 3 November 2023. I click into it and the date changes to March 2024