More streaming info

I have two feature requests about streaming information.

On the homepage, you can see TV shows currently on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and Apple TV+. I would however also like to see movies here, instead of just TV shows. So I can discover all movies on Netflix (or a different provider in my country, see second point) ánd all TV shows.

Secondly, on a movie/TV details page, I can tap the streaming button to see where it’s available for streaming, very nice. But here the info is limited to Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+. The TMDb API supports many more providers per country that should also be available in Moviebase. If the app knows my country, it should be able to show that a movie is available on a provider from my country.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your feedback. I am working mostly on the Netflix feature, which has the highest priority.