Money Heist - Season 3


where are the season 3 from Money Heist?

At the moment, only mods can add new content on TMDb. :confused:

I have reported a change to TMDb


Thank u :slight_smile:

Have u news for me? :slight_smile:

Yes, season 2 is completed :slight_smile:

@chris I just received a notification saying Money Heist returns tomorrow but this is not on any of my watchlist and when I clicked the notification, it just opened Moviebase, it didn’t actually take me to anywhere specific. Confused why I would receive a notification for something I’m not interested in nor ever interacted with. Not only that but it doesnt return/premier tomorrow, it is mid-season from what I can find…

As we are talking about notifications; whenever i do get a notification and i click on it, it never takes me to a specific episode, it just opens Moviebase — is this normal?