Missing sort option after new update

The new update looks great, however I did notice that a sort feature for TV shows is missing. There used to be a sort option for most recently watched show. Any chance we can get that back? It was so handy to have my most recently watched shows at the top of my currently watching list.

Thank you for any help!

Thank you! Do you mean on the TV progress page or in the TV show history?

The recently watched on the progress should be the first sorting item.

In the tv show progress page.
The recently watched has changed as of the last update. It is now recently added but that sorts by the show that I have added to my watch list most recently.
It used to be when I marked an episode as watched it would move that show to the top of my list. I have tried all sort options and none of them do that anymore. The closest one is watched episodes but that only sorts by the show with the most episodes.

Any help would be appreciated!