Lost my permanent subscription

I lost my permanent premium subscription when i swithed to samsung from redmi , even though im using the same account . Please help…

HI Arjun, you can restore the purchase in the help / settings. Keep in mind, that you need to use the same Google account.

Help / Settings how? Can u pleas explain FYI im using the same google account

When you go to the last bottom navigation item, there is an entry point in the version 4.4.


This is what i got and when i clicked the

And when i enterd moviebase.app this was shown

Now what should i do ??

Not on the about page. There is a ‘restore purchase button’ in the navigation, right before the settings entry

Its showing this

But i am using this since 2021 and i took a permenat premium subscription . It was ok when i was using it on my previous phone, but when i switched i lost the premium even though im using the same account pleas help

it seems there isn’t a connected account.

Is your Android device with the Google Play Store and sevices?

What do u mean ??

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I’m facing the same issue, in moviebase app it is mentioned I’m having premium subscription but I cannot access most of the premium options.

Which of all the premium options can’t you access?

Facing the same issue. I have purchased a license in the very beginning of the lifetime of the app and always could restore the purchase. Doesn’t seem to be working now. Using the same Google account I have used to purchase the app by then.

What issues do you have with not showing the premium? Do you see ads?

Um… u haven’t solved mine yet . Im also having that problem . …

I see that the last opening was on the 28th of September. Could you give me more information about your new Samsung device? Do you have Google Play store services installed and enable all permissions for the Moviebase app?

Yes , i have Google Play store services installed and enable all permissions for the Moviebase app.

The new beta version 4.5.3 should fix the issue. Close and reopening the app should help.

Sorry for this issue.

Thanks man for fixing it now its bak to normal