Load hidden items

First of all i would like to ask if what i am doing is the only way around. I would like to hide shows from my calendar if i abandoned the show. For example TWD, i don’t watch it anymore but wouldnt want to remove it, since i watched 7 seasons. Is there a way to do it?

The way i am doing it is hiding every single one of those, but i have 2 devices i cant seem to sync this info. Is this feature for this? Am i missing something?

Hi, you can mark the entire TV show progress as hidden (list item, menu entry hide). In the new version it will also disappear from the calendar page.

If you use your Google account then this will be synced between devices. When you use trakt then you also could load the hidden items manually (menu item load hidden progress on the acocunt page)

But load hiddeen progress will sync between devices? Because i noticed that the hide feature is not synching with trakt, if i go to (https://trakt.tv/settings/hidden) its not ssynched with the app.

Only for TV shows. It will add the TV show to the progress hidden items.
Trakt doesn’t support hidden items for all lists.

What i was trying to hide are exactly TV Shows :confused:

Sending hidden items to Trakt is broken as well. I don’t know what they changed on the API service :pensive:

Damn… Will you have to make changes to the app or do you think they will normalize the endpoints? :cry: