Lifetime Premium purchased but it is not showing

I have a purchased lifetime premium. I have purchased a new smartphone and I have logged in with same email I’d but now it is not showing premium. why?

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Are you sure you have been logged in with the same Google Account? It might take some time until it fetches the new data.

Yes I have logged in with same account but it is showing ads and ask to purchase premium

Have you closed the app entirely and restarted it?

I am also having this same issue. I logged into the app the same way as I did on my old phone. There used to be a " restore purchase" setting in the menus but it seems to be gone. My old phone is still showing premium but my new phone is not. I have logged out and back in and waited a fair while. Still nothing. I log in through trakt usually and even logged out and logged in with my Google account into moviebase and still nothing.

Please help me get it back. Thanks

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The purchase is only connected to your Google account. Do you have only exact one Google account when you download the app from Google Play Store?