Lifetime premium gone with latest update!

The latest update today has introduced ads into my app. I paid for the lifetime premium years ago and the latest update says my account does not have premium.

When I select my profile, I briefly see the premium badge for a moment before it disappears. Please resolve this issue!


I have the same problem. My unlimited premium subscription is gone too.


A fix will be released in an hour.

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I updated but everything is the same. The account still doesn’t have premium and ads are present.

Did you try to close the app altogether? Which app will be shown?

Yes, I’ve close it multiple times. I’m not sure what you meant by which app will be shown.

Here is a recording of me closing the app and restarting it. You can even see the premium logo appear for a split second when opening profile before it disappears. Moviebase premium bug

Thanks for the video. It doesn’t show that you have Premium. Could you send me a private message with your transaction ID?

Keep in mind, that the purchase is bound to your Google account. You can check if the purchase is in your Google Play Store.

Is lifetimr premium still available?
I only see monthly and yearly