Last week tonight issue

Hi! The show last week tonight won’t show up in the up next to watch section. The dates are correct and I do not have it marked as watched.

Hi Duccio,

Thanks for the info. The name of the show is"last week tonight" and it shows the next episode which isn’t aired yet?

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The full name of the show is “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”. It does not show any episodes on the Progress section of the app, however, there are unwatched episodes which have already aired that should be displayed on that page. That does not happen with this show.

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Which episode is stucked when you mark one episode as watched? The app can sync this TV show.

It started happening a month or so ago. The episodes don’t show up in the progress screen, but everything else seems to work. I can mark them as watched etc. However, this is inconvenient, as I can’t see at a glance whether there is a new episode or not.

Just to clarify, it has been happening for all the episodes of the last month, including the most recent.

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