Languagee fallback is not always working

Basically probably the same problem that Jellyfin is facing now

Moviebase wont use fallback if there is NO translation availible and will show placeholder string instead. As you can see on screenshot here, there is placeholder text “Epizóda 1” and not episode name from fallback language (for example english).

More screenshots on Jellyfin git and on imgur link (limit 1 pic for post for me so… this was the solution )

Also, when is translated only episode title and not overview it seems to be working correctly, fallback language was used = english.

Curiously, this seems to be working correctly in movies in moviebase, as you can see here. Movie had only translated Name on TMDB, not overview. So fallback language was used = english.

Tested on latest BETA version 2.6.5.

Hey, thank you very much for your bug report. I already figured out that it use the region as language. In some section there is only one language available, because the app should not start too many requests.