Improvements to TV Shows Progress and Upcoming List and the Application Widget


The Progress and Upcoming lists on the TV Shows Progress screen are very nice. They contains almost all the information one could want there. I would suggest adding the network name where the show will air to both the Progress display and the Upcoming list. That is the one piece of information that seems to be missing.

As some of us have already requested, it would also be nice to include TV shows that are in our Watchlist - that is, shows we haven’t started watching both of these lists as well.

I think it would be a great improvement to the application widget to make its display for Progress and Calendar more closely match those for Progress and Upcoming in the app. It would also be much easier to read if the display size more closely matched that inside the app.

I know this is an area you plan to work on soon, and I hope you will consider including these changes.

Thanks very much.