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congrats for the app, after testing a lot to mostly help me manage my Trakt account I’ve decided to try Moviebase a little further. After some time toying around I’ve come with some improvements suggestions:


  • Option to hide titles that are already in a Trakt’s list;
  • Somehow allow titles selection when clicking for bulk actions, like hiding, adding to a Trakt’s list, marking as watched, etc;

When in any “titles list” view:

  • “Add to Collection” button;
  • “Hide from list” button;
  • Create a customizing option so swiping the titles won’t change between Movies/Shows but will hide or add it to a list;
  • Add an icon indicating where the title is being aired/streamed, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc;
  • Add a double check icon, a progress bar or an unwatched episodes count, indicating watched status;

When in Home > Collection/Watchlist

  • Add an option to select which list do show, like Shows, Episodes, etc instead of Movies as default;

When in Collection:

  • “Remove from Collection” button;
  • “Mark as watched” button;

I’ve found some bugs that I will address in another topic.

Andre Sterf

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Hi Andre,

Thank you very much for your feedback. This helps me to improve the app.

Some features are already on the task board which you can check out here.

  • The streaming feature is focused on future development.
  • The hiding features on my ToDo list
  • Additional elements in the media list items would be too much for the user

Let me know if you find bugs :slight_smile:

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as I’ve said, been searching and testing around for a long time and I can affirm that your app is very good, but it can become great, specially if Trakt’s lists management is improved because your interface and integration with it are already very sleek, just need some polishing!

For example:

What about adding theese as options to be checked in Settings, so we can choose what to use or not? Like having three configurable fields for quick actions when in list views, so it could be set to “Add to XX list”, “Mark as watched” and “Remove from history”, for example! Also, an unwatched episode count is great to keep track of latest arrivals, since most of them are watched through streaming nowadays.

Keep the great work!

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